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Are you ready to go deeper and be more intentional in your walk with the Lord and making your sound for Jesus and His Kingdom?

Before we talk details, let's chat about who The Jesus Girl Gang membership is really for . . . 

✚ Have you been looking for a women's discipleship group, a mentorship or some sort of study where you can go deeper into the things of God, where you can find encouragement and accountability to live your life lined up with truth?

✚ Do you just know you need to do something intentional where you'll be challenged regularly to walk in your purpose and to make the sound you were made to make?

✚ Are you tired of going around the same mountain, being able to catch glimpses of breakthrough up ahead, but never quite being able to get there? Do you want to finally step in?

✚ Is it time to stop trying to "go it on your own?" Is it time for you to run with a crew who'll sharpen you and call you up into your God-given identity so you can become all you were made for?

✚ Do you know you have a sound on your life that needs to get out? Can you sense that now is the time to go deeper and to get intentional about allowing God to craft your voice and refine your message so you're ready to be launched to make your sound effectively?

If so, you're in the right place, and I'm going to show you how The Jesus Girl Gang can help you to get where you're desiring to go!

Join the Gang

and here's what's included: 


A Monthly Theme & Focus

Each month we'll be introducing a theme and a focus that we'll be spending time on for the next few weeks. Everything we do during a particular program month will be tied back to the theme and focus so we can see progress and momentum as we seek to go deeper and be more intentional about crafting the voice and refining the message. It's in this intentional place of focus that breakthrough happens and healing flows.


Weekly Content Drops

Each Monday you'll get access to a new piece of content designed to help you go deeper with God, to be more intentional about crafting and refining your sound and/or to connect with other women in the Gang to be encouraged, sharpened and even challenged. 

 WEEK 1: Downloadable Workbook

Who doesn't love a good workbook filled with scripture prompts, journaling questions and lesson highlights? This is where you're going to get them. The monthly, themed workbook is all about helping you to activate what's being revealed to you and The truth you're being challenged in. This is what'll be on offer in the Week 1 content drop.

WEEK 2: Masterclass with Erica

Each month Erica will take you deeper into the monthly theme and focus while using Week 1's downloadable workbook as an actioning tool. It's not uncommon to also find ourselves in a live Q&A session at the end of class where you can ask your questions and get insights from Erica as you process the material being taught.

WEEK 3: Pod Week -- Meeting with Your Own Mini-Jesus Girl Gang

The "secret sauce" of this discipleship membership is the Conversation Pod. Getting to know one another, offering sharpening, feedback and accountability to each other, and having a place to process while practicing transparency and building trust are the keys to breakthrough around here, so we encourage everyone to find a Pod and watch their growth and progress skyrocket!

WEEK 4: Sound Maker Session

These are practical sessions where you will learn how to get your sound out into the world. So, whether it's a lesson on how to set up your website or how to start a blog, or maybe it's how to start an in-person group or a Facebook group, or perhaps it's a guest-sound maker coming in to share how they get their sound out excellently, these sessions will be rich with ideas, examples and actionable steps so you can really start to get your sound out there, no matter who you're called to or the type of sound you're made to make.

Exclusive Jesus Girl Gang Facebook Community

So much happens in the Community! From encouragement to accountability, from asking for input to sharing your own testimony, and all the goodness in between, our Facebook group has brought women together from across the country to find relationships that are powerful and poignant as we run together towards a common goal. Our Community proves the theory that real relationship and discipleship can happen online if you're intentional and present.

VIP Ticket to 2023 REVIVE Woman Conference

REVIVE Woman Conference is our annual "family reunion" and a place where you will be encouraged, empowered and equipped to make a bold and confident sound into the earth for Jesus and His Kingdom for the season ahead. Your VIP experience includes the option of attending the Conference in-person, various swag items and access to exclusive discounts and surprises all throughout the weekend. We want you in the room as we celebrate all God has done and prepare to experience what He will do!

Access to Sneak Peeks, Discounts and Special Offers

You'll have access to the inside track when it comes to offerings out of the REVIVE Woman, Beacon Essentials and Prosper Brands (in addition to all things JGG). You'll save on events, swag, courses and more when you're a member of The Jesus Girl Gang!

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Hi, I'm Erica!

Nine years ago, inside the local church I co-pastor with my husband, I started the REVIVE Woman ministry to encourage, empower and equip women to boldly make their sound in the earth for Jesus and His Kingdom. This past year I decided to take a collective of women deeper, with more intentionality, into what it looks like to confidently make the sound you were created for. I gathered a small group of girls to start the discussion, and The Jesus Girl Gang was born!

I'm so excited to share with you what the girls and I have been incubating over these past few months. This is for you!

Are you ready to get intentional? To go deeper? Are you ready to make your sound boldly and effectively in this earth? If so, I want to invite you to come along on this journey. There's room at the table . . . come grab your seat!

Founder & Fearless Leader, Erica Pyle


What's it like to be part of The Jesus Girl Gang membership?

A few thoughts from current members…


"Erica has a word on her life to equip women who have a bold sound for Jesus on their life, who need teaching and guidance around how to craft their voice and refine their message so they can be sent out to make a sound for Jesus. YES! That's me, that's what I want, and that's why I'm here."

- Tracey


"Transformation can't come if I'm all alone. I need my crew and I'm so thankful for my Jesus Girl Gang. Being vulnerable, transparent, and held accountable has helped to bolster my faith and deepen my connection with God and my peeps. Never before have I felt so close to the breakthrough."

- Kat


"To run with women who are equally passionate about Jesus, about finding and living their destiny in and with Him, to be offered and pursued in discipleship by those who have walked it out before me and share their wisdom in truth and love, it feels like I’m starting over. It feels like a launching pad!"

- Nichole


"I usually just 'do the things' because I’m down to do whatever with my squad. I’m the girl who will stand by you and just be with you. I rarely take the time to actually engage with God and do the work with Him during programs like this. But this time has been different. And this time, I'm seeing big results."

- Jessica


"My experience with JGG has been: I've exchanged how I think about myself, how I see myself, and what I say about myself for how God thinks about me, how God sees me and what God says about me.  And I've gotten to do that exchange while inside of a community of women who've been safe."

- Phyllis


"For the longest time I thought I was stuck in a season I couldn’t get out of. I was believing the lie that I’m being punished for not measuring up. Being in this group with powerful, God-fearing women has led me to choose vulnerability and transparency. And that is bringing me to breakthrough."

- Sadie


✚ As soon as you complete checkout, you'll receive an email with instructions for how to access our online community.

✚ Your access includes not only new content, but content from previous months' cycles.

✚ You can cancel at any time. Just note that if you decide to rejoin, you'll do so at the current rate being offered at that time.

There's never been a better time to hop into The Jesus Girl Gang! When the membership opens again in a few months, the price will go up, so lock in your rate today!

Is It Your Time to Get Intentional About Making a Sound For Jesus & His Kingdom?

Come be a part of a collective of women who have decided to go deeper in this endeavor together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? I get it. Here are your answers!

I Can't Wait to Meet You Inside the Gang!

Hey, Sister:

So, is this for you? I really believe you know the answer by now. You've read all the details, and now it's time to pray and decide.

Is it time for you to go deeper? Have you known for a while that you needed to do something intentional around your purpose and sound? Have you been looking for a crew to do that with? What's God saying to you right now?

Here's the thing: We'll be here.

This Jesus Girl Gang is not a flash in the pan. It's not just a seasonal thing. We're committed to intentional discipleship around here. We're going to be showing up and pressing in for the long haul.

So the question is: Is this your time?

Like I said, we'll be here, so if the timing isn't right for you, perhaps you wait a bit and join us in a few months when you're ready. That's okay! It's okay to be intentional about your focus and how you want to run your race.

But if you know in your heart that this is your moment and that this opportunity was made for you, then you know what to do. Get in here, Girl! Let's get to work going deeper and being more intentional about what we're stewarding with and for God in this earth. It's time to do and be all he created you for.

See you on the inside!

Xoxo - Erica

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