Quick Health Reset

I bet you're ready for a change. In fact, you've been ready for something to shift for quite some time now. You just haven't known what to do to get it started. Am I right?

What if you could initiate BIG change with just a few simple steps done consistently each day? And what if those small, simple steps could get you feeling better, stronger and more energetic in just seven days? Would you be up for the challenge?

If you said YES, this challenge is for YOU! So hit that button and let's get started. I'll send you a simple plan along with a couple checklists to keep track of your progress. Sound good? Then let's GO!

It's Time to Hit Reset!


"Being a part of Erica's community has been life-changing for me! For years I dealt with lactose intolerance and other food allergies, but I learned from Erica that there is more to health than what we eat and how we move our bodies. There is a mindset renewal and a perspective shift that helps our bodies heal. I am so thankful for Erica's coaching and unique approach to creating a healthy lifestyle that addresses the fullness of who we are — spirit, soul, and body!"

Cathrine Diaz
Beacon Lifestyle Community Founding Member

Hi, I'm Erica. I'm Your Coach.

I'm a certified holistic health coach (IIN) and a seasoned teacher of Biblical strategies that work in the real world. I love helping people find ways to align their life with Biblical truth to see healing and wholeness flow. Are you ready to get things lined up in the health area? Health can begin when we commit to actioning just a handful of basic habits daily . . . even in as little as seven days. Are you ready to test this out? Alright, then let's do this!


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